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Who is the Founder of Aslando

Mikail Ali Çetiner was born in 1979 in Austria. He is the third child of an expatriate family, originally of Turkmen origin, whose grandfather settled in Tepe village (formerly Turkmen village) in the Kaman district of Kırşehir about 180 years ago. He completed his primary and secondary education in Baden, Austria, and then completed his engineering education.

In 1983, with the encouragement of his family, he took his first step into the world of sports with training in Korean martial arts Taekwondo/Hapkido. Because even at the age of 4, his being very active, dynamic, fast and determined seemed to herald that he could be a successful athlete in the future. In order to further develop and strengthen the talents of their children, his parents enrolled him in parallel with the Japanese martial arts Karate/Aikido school in the same region in 1985.

During the course training, he received a very good sportive training. He has achieved numerous successes in the children's division. Noticing the numerous degrees he has received, his family has provided him with professional Thai-Boxing/Kick-Boxing training. As a matter of fact, he studied far eastern sports every day of the week without any free time.

At the age of 16, he deserved to receive his first black belt and has participated in numerous competitions and achieved superior degrees. Among these degrees, the highest degrees were the world free fight championships. He has risen to the level of mastery in various Far Eastern sports and has repeatedly been awarded the title of the world's most technical athlete.

He has been involved in sports research in various countries of the world. Among the martial arts he studied before developing his own system; There are Taekwondo, Hapkido, Karate, Aikido, Boxing, Thai-Boxing, Kick-Boxing, Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Jujutsu, Judo, Fencing, Wrestling and Jiujitsu. In 2000, he gathered all his sporting achievements, experiences and knowledge, breaking new ground with the characteristics of 5000 years of Turkish history full of wars, rolling up his sleeves and establishing his own system to introduce an ancestor's art of war and defense to the world, such as wrestling, our valuable ancestral sport. . The name of the war and defense system established by Mikail Ali Çetiner is Aslando (Aslan's Way). He adopted the principle of benefiting from the strength of his opponent without resisting his strong opponents, and developed a new art of war and defense, which is defined as the chance of the weak against the strong.

The aim of Aslando, which he developed, is to introduce the culture, morals, customs and traditions of our nation to the whole world, to support the unity and solidarity of our nation, to contribute to all historical and cultural elements, activities and activities, to world peace without any sect or race discrimination, to help people gain their self-confidence. To fight against its spread all over the world, by encouraging people to do sports, which is one of the sine qua non of life, to rid them of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or, in general, all their bad habits.

Aslando started in Turkey in 2000 and has started to spread in Europe since 2001. Aslando is a Turkish War and Defense system currently distributed in 16 countries.

The biggest hobby of Mikail Ali Çetiner, who is married and has 3 children, is doing sports, reading books, doing various researches and feeding parrots. Currently, he continues his life in Germany as the General President and trainer of the World Aslando Federation, of which he is the founder.