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Short Description and Benefits of Aslando


Aslan-Do means "the way of the lion". Among other things, Leo-Do is used for self-defense or "just" to stay fit. Aslan-Do is very different from other martial and martial arts. Aslan-Do is a very modern Turkish martial art in which one or more opponents, armed or unarmed, fight at the beginning, armed or unarmed. ASLANDO uses 50% kicking techniques and 50% kicking techniques, which are not monotonous processes.

Benefits Of Aslando

  • • Aslando is the insurance of life.
  • • It provides restraint of aggression and anger.
  • • It brings forgetfulness to almost non-existent level.
  • • A person who spends an hour a day for Aslando sports remains healthy, young and dynamic.
  • • There are physiological, physical and mental benefits of doing Aslando.
  • • It gives a certain maturity and practicality.
  • • Those who do Aslando sports reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, depression and many other diseases.
  • • Those who do Aslando sport do not feel lonely and unhappy.