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Aslando for Adults and Ladies

Despite a long tradition of equality, self-confidence and self-expression are issues for most girls and young women. They find it difficult to set boundaries and defend their feelings and desires. All these skills pose great challenges for girls and young women. Aslando's techniques and training aim to strengthen self-defense and assertiveness and thus the entire personality of the adolescent.

At Aslando, young women and girls quickly and easily learn highly effective techniques that they can use in everyday life. This gives the students a new attitude to life, free from the fear of being attacked, free from powerlessness and vulnerability and thus violence against themselves and others. In particular, we train the mental strength of female students and thus give them a powerful tool to deal with difficult situations responsibly. For this it is necessary to replace the deadlocked understanding of roles and the applied powerlessness of young girls/women with new empowerment strategies and thus strengthen the entire personality.

From an early age, girls are inhibited at school, in their environment, by parental and media upbringing and are socialized in a gender-specific manner. This prevents boundaries being drawn and leads to fainting when attacked. We are sure that in every woman and girl there is a lioness with a strong heart.

We want to support girls and young women in this area and help them to learn new skills that they didn't know before. The self-confidence of girls is particularly important to us. Unleash your full potential only with healthy self-esteem.

You can use it and stand out at every level of your life. Inner clarity is not limited to male reason, emotions can also be clear and harmonized with one's life. This leads to respect for the feelings of others and the certainty of being able to say NO.

Students must learn to use the loudness and harshness of their voices as a weapon. Posture, facial expressions and gestures, combined with learned defense techniques, convey the necessary security to master even dangerous situations.